How will you be wearing your hair this autumn? If you’re yet to decide, know there are myriad chic new hairstyles trending right now, any one of which could be the perfect fit for you. Whether you find the grungy mixie cut strangely compelling, or youwant your hair to reflect your quiet luxury wardrobe, there is a trending hairstyle to suit every inclination this season. Vogue asked the experts to disclose their current favourites.

Quiet luxury hair

Whether it’s a salon-perfect blow dry or a fresh cut, the quiet luxury mood has gone beyond fashion to permeate the hairstyling world, says hairstylist Christian Wood, whose client Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has perhaps the most luxurious-looking hair on the celebrity scene. “The vibe is soft, simple haircuts, bouncy blowouts, voluptuous yet simple ponytails and brushed-through waves that feel well-kept, but in an effortless fashion,” he says. “It’s polished, luxurious hair but you can’t work out if they have spent $300 on a fancy salon Rolet Online blow-dry, or have naturally amazing hair that air-dried like that.” His top tip to achieve this look? Invest in your hair health by using hair masks, like the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask–and sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent split ends.

The mixie cut

Somewhere between a mullet and a pixie cut, the mixie has been an underground favorite for a few seasons now. But, as Kristen Stewart just proved, it’s not going anywhere. “It’s a combination of Meg Ryan in the nineties and skater kid,” explains Luke Hersheson. “Another feature is a slight, soft flick at the back of the hair and some curtain-style pieces at the front, which tuck behind your ear.” Short and gamine, he name-checks influencer Niamh Adkins as someone who makes the mixie cut look great.

Peek-a-brow fringe

The cooler autumn months are the perfect time to try bangs, if you’ve been considering it for a while, and the “peek-a-brow” fringe is the coolest style to try now. “It sits above the eyebrow line, but it isn’t a micro-fringe,” explains Anita Rice, co-founder of Buller & Rice. “It’s a stronger shape, but you can add softer edges for versatility.”

Fluid hair

Yes, bobs are in, but for those who are committed to longer locks, Larry King says it’s all about the fluid look. Think Naomi Campbell, whose hair literally swished down the spring/summer 2024 catwalks, and Kim Kardashian. “Straight hair, with water wave movement,” he says.

Razored bob

The bob is, as we know, a perennial classic. But with every season comes a nuance that sets each new version of the look apart from the last. One of autumn’s most sought-after cuts is the razored bob, a lived-in style that’s created using a razor, instead of scissors. “Razors create a soft finish,” explain Nick Latham and Sean Paul Nother, founders of the Hair Bros. “Using scissors creates a much sharper, more precise look, but the razor bob is all about looking like it was cut a few months ago.”

Ghost cut

The perfect cut for the girl who doesn’t want to look like she’s been to the salon? A ghost cut, of course. According to Hersheson, it’s a cut (in longer hair) that features some barely perceptible shape around the face. “The idea is having a cut where you don’t lose any length, but do have some very subtle layers cut in to create shape – but not in an ‘I’ve had a haircut’ way.” The effect is effortless, but you still “end up looking gorgeous”, he says.

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