Online Selling Apps to Make Money in 2023

There are many online selling apps—but what are the best apps for you to sell stuff on? Whether you want to sell shoes, DVDs, or sports equipment, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll go through 12 of the best apps to sell stuff online. These apps can help you make extra cash while helping you to declutter your home. The best part? None of them charge a payment processing fee, though some take a commission on the sales generated via their platform.

1. eBay: Best app to sell stuff

If you’re looking for an app to sell stuff asaktechnicalservices online, you can use eBay to sell everything from used video games and children’s toys to jewelry and even mega-yachts.

Here’s how it works: First, upload a photo of what you want to sell and choose whether to advertise your item to everyone or just to your local area. Then, set a price. You can list your item at a fixed price, or use the auction feature.

This online marketplace is famous for its auctions, which work exactly the same as they do in the real world. You set a starting price and interested buyers bid on your item. When the auction finishes, the highest bidder wins.

2. CPlus for Craigslist: Great local selling app

CPlus for Craigslist is a third-party selling app that is officially licensed by Craigslist, one of the most renowned websites for selling stuff locally. Just like the website, it’s a great place to find buyers in your local area.

Craigslist is available in 570 cities across 70 countries worldwide, and the largest 23 cities in the US see more than 300,000 for-sale listings per day—no wonder so many sellers use the platform!

When you list an item for sale, this local selling app uses your geolocation to list your ad in nearby cities. Plus, buyers can set up notifications to find out if there’s a new listing that might interest them.

3. Facebook Marketplace: Easy app to make money

Facebook Marketplace is probably one of the most accessible selling apps to use, mainly because almost everyone you know has a Facebook account. In fact, more than 800 million people use the marketplace every month.

To sell your stuff, take photos and upload them with a description and selling price. While you don’t have to worry about listing fees, note that a 5% selling fee will be charged in the event of a successful transaction.

When a buyer makes you an offer, you’ll need to arrange a method of getting paid and delivering the item. For example, you can choose to deliver or ship the item, or arrange for it to be picked up. Also, you may prefer to get paid in cash or use a service like

4. Nextdoor: Great neighborhood buy-and-sell app

Nextdoor is another best app to sell stuff locally via mobile. When you install Nextdoor, you’ll need to enter your ZIP code so the app can connect you to your neighbors and customize your daily feed.

To list an item for sale, click on the “+” icon in your feed, upload a photo, add a price, and include a description.

The great thing about this buy-and-sell app is that your “for sale” listing will automatically show up in your neighbors’ Nextdoor feeds—along with the usual announcements like road closures, block party announcements, and parking complaints.

5. OfferUp: Quick mobile selling

Listings on OfferUp never expire. When you list something for sale, it will remain in the marketplace until it sells or you remove the listing.

When you’re ready to sell your stuff, upload a photo, and the selling app will use image recognition to help fill in the information. OfferUp will generate a basic description and a suggested price based on how much similar items sell for in your area.

If you want to sell your item quicker or advertise a discount, you can always pay 99¢–$3.99 for a premium listing, which will be moved to the top of the page and highlighted.

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